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Latest Stories

Nayden Gochev: We define the direction

Aug 18, 2017

Today, we are going to present you Nayden Gochev - a top Java developer, member of the Nemesis team.

The ugly truth nobody wants to admit - your store needs replatforming now!

Aug 16, 2017

It’s too expensive to maintain. It’s too slow. It gets down when the traffic is high. Sounds familiar? The time has come. Time to replatform your e-commerce solution!

Omnichannel - the new reality of user behavior

Jul 31, 2017

The era of digitalization. The times of e-commerce. The omnipotence of the user. The strive for successful business beyond the multichannel paradigm. Welcome to the new reality of user behavior. Curtains unveiled.

Building scalable applications for the cloud

Jul 27, 2017

How to build a scalable application for the cloud? The founder of Nemesis, Petar Tahchiev, in front of a full audience.

Mind the cost iceberg - why understanding TCO of software is crucial for your business

Jul 25, 2017

Popularized by the Gartner Group, TCO (Total cost of ownership) analysis is the industry-standard way of assessing the IT costs for your business. The need of such assessment comes from (in most of the cases) tangible difference between the purchase price and the actual ownership cost.

Going digital? Where is your business really going today?

Jul 18, 2017

Nowadays, businesses are rushing to become digital. CEOs push digitalization as a top priority in their agendas. The ubiquity of our digital era is spoken about. Let's go digital, businesses appeal. But how? And going where? To get the path ahead properly paved, you need to understand first the key concepts you need to change in your business model. Doing digital transformation places a lot of challenges to your existing business. But first of all - what does digitalization really mean?

Scale or die! How to build highly scalable apps with the 12 app methodology

Jul 10, 2017

A buzz word at the beginning, cloud-native applications have emerged and developed to turn into every business' reality nowadays. Understanding cloud-native, however, brings with itself other concepts, such as continuous delivery provision, containers' efficiency and speed implementation, microservices-oriented development and last but not least - the imposing need of collaboration between software Developers and IT Operations, or the so called DevOps.

Behind the Curtain of Nemesis

Jul 06, 2017

Today, we are going to present you Petar Tahchiev - the  founder of Nemesis Software - and to share the story of how Nemesis platform was born, what it took to build a world-class team of solution architects and what the future lies for the Nemesis team.