Today, we are going to present you Nayden Gochev - a top Java developer, member of the Nemesis team.


Nayden, tell us more about your yourself and your background. And let’s make it more challenging -  what if you were to use 3 words only?

Superhero with Java Powers 


Why do you love Java? Which is the best programming language for enterprise applications from your experience?

I love it because it is mature, has a huge set of libraries for everything, it is platform- independent and, at the same time, is the easiest language to read someone else code and maintain software. Why it is best for the enterprise on top of the previous features - because of investment. Sun Microsystems and now Oracle have invested a lot of money and research in the JVM and the platform, basically it is the best because there is nothing else. Which other platform has 4 different free garbage collectors included to choose from, based on your needs and requirements, not to mention third party garbage collectors that exist out there?


What was the reason you joined Nemesis?

I was doing e-commerce 5 years before I joined Nemesis, using different e-commerce platforms. The idea to have our own e-commerce platform, written in the best possible way, was my main motivation. I have also worked with Petar Tahchiev before and I can say it’s fun :)





Tell us more about your work at Nemesis. What do you like most and what least?

What I like the most is that we define the direction in which we are going and how exactly we are going to reach it.

What I like the least is that the overall team alignment, in order to go to the final point, sometimes requires huge amount of patience and energy.


What do you do in your free time - tell us more about your hobbies?

When I am not working as a Java developer, I organize Java events. I am one of the leaders of the Bulgarian Java User Group and organizer of an annual Java Conference in Bulgaria called jPrime, on top of that several free smaller conferences called JProfessionals Bulgaria, monthly seminars and Java beer events.

When I do not do Java-related stuff, I love playing games, mostly RPGs, shooters or RPGs preferable with a shooting mechanics.


If you could write a letter to Nemesis Software CEO which is going to reach him in five years’ time, what would you write in it?

I would probably write ... "I told you so!" ;) Now, if I have to be serious, probably I would ask him for a loan!

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