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Welcome to July issue of This Month in Nemesis!

Our First Partners

We are proud to announce that Nemesis Software has launched its first partnership with ScaleFocus, the second fastest growing company in Europe for 2014 according to The International Business Awards. Partnering with ScaleFocus came logically since we both share the same vision for innovative practices and sustainable growth. This partnership is beneficial to ScaleFocus as well strengthening Scalefocus's expertise in the cloud-based multichannel world of ecommerce.

Another Module on Our Marketplace

Regardless of the prevalent vacation mood everywhere else, our team continued to work hard and finished our sitemap module. This new module allows you to export data from your website to various search engines (e.g.: Google, Yahoo, etc.) thus increasing your website visibility and loyalty trust, and ultimately leading to a solid increase in traffic.

Our Demo Store is Now Public

There it is - our B2C demo site is officially open. What we started as an adventurous whim in ecommerce a couple of years ago is now in your hands. Feel free to explore the limitless possibilities of Nemesis Platform through this website and let us know what you think on twitter. As much as you might want to purchase our attractive samples, please note that they are not for sale and payments and deliveries cannot be processed!

Nemesis at the JCrete Symposium

Between July 20 - 24, our team had the pleasure to participate in the 5th annual JCrete Symposium on the Greek island of Crete. The hot Mediterranean sun did not stop us from geeking out with Java Champions about the latest Java technologies making the Java world a better place!

SpringOne 2GX Conference is Around the Corner

If you want to find out more on how spring technologies are well integrated in Nemesis Platform as a new generation cloud-based ecommerce platform, stop by the upcoming SpringOne 2GX conference and meet with our founder, Petar Tahchiev (@ptahchiev) between Sept 14 - 17 in Washington DC, USA. Hurry up, the early bird price registration ends Aug 14th!

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