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Welcome to the first monthly issue of This Month in Nemesis!

Our team is growing

In June we welcomed our newest team member - Vladimir Tsanev (@tsachev)! He has a solid experience with different e-commerce solutions and we are really thrilled to have him onboard.

Two new modules added to the Nemesis extensive pool

A significant competitive advantage of Nemesis cloud-based ecommerce platform is its modular nature. With the zest of improving our ecommerce solution constantly, only in June we’ve added two new modules - of recommendation and promotion, to the vast pool of extensions you can choose from to further customize your ecommerce presence.

The clear process of visualization and narration about a product’s pros and cons facilitates buyers in their decision making process with items "frequently bought together" by the same customer or other people who have already expressed preference towards.

Another improvement our team has been working on lately is the module for promotion. Whether it is a buy one get one free campaign, a coupon for special discount, a limited days sale, you name it, you can easily and independently manage any kind of promotions from the Nemesis Backend Console. The core of the promotion engine relies heavily on drools - a state-of-art artificial intelligence rule engine.

Our CTO will be speaking at the upcoming SpringOne 2GX Conference in Washington, DC, USA

The founder of Nemesis Software, Petar Tahchiev (@ptahchiev), will give a talk at the annual SpringOne 2GX conference which will take place in Washington, DC, USA, Sept. 14 - 17, 2015. The conference about the open source Spring framework for building web java applications will cover a variety of topics - core Spring technologies and securities, big data, data and integration, cloud and web technologies and services built with the trustworthy Spring framework.

Petar Tahchiev will be speaking on the applicability of the Spring framework in the fast growing business of ecommerce and how Nemesis Software applies the Spring technology stack in building Nemesis, the next generation cloud ecommerce platform. With the variety of panels on Spring core technologies and their real life applicability, the conference is of great benefit to both tech and business people. Early bird tickets can still be purchased here.

New Email Extension

We have changed our emails to [at]

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