Today we are going to present you Teodor Tunev- a top JavaScript developer, member of the Nemesis team.

Teo, tell us more about your yourself and your background. And let’s make it more challenging -  what if you were to use 3 words only?

I have been in love with computers since very early age. My first memory dates back to 1996, when I was 7 and I encountered a computer for the first time. I was enchanted! I have always been interested in playing with the settings and the hardware, but nobody ever showed me how software worked and what programming actually is, until I found it out on my own back in 2012. That is when I understood that this is what I want to do and I decided to dedicate all my time to learning how to code. I had some savings, so I quit my job and started learning how to code for 16-18 hours every single day. Basically it was all down to sleeping and programming. A year later I started my first job. Since then I have always had inner desire to learn new things and become better at what I do. I am attracted by the possibly most difficult tasks, because they push you to think and learn.

If I have to use only three words, I would go for four: High quality passionate developer.



Why do you love Javascript? Which is the best programming language for enterprise applications from your experience?

During the last years I have worked with many platforms and programming languages - PHP, .NET, Java and JavaScript. I am a Full stack developer, but my real love has always been JavaScript, maybe just because people consider it very difficult. In my opinion, it’s simply challenging with all its specifics.

It’s hard to say which programming language is the best, because each has its own advantages and disadvantages. I personally prefer to use Java and REST API for back-end in combination with a JavaScript framework for the front-end. Java leads the race because it’s open source and has a big community. No matter what library you need for your project - chances that it already exists are high enough. Java is suitable for enterprise applications because it has a lot of powerful frameworks, can be hosted on any server, can be connected to any database, you name it -  many more small but important features.

What was the reason you joined Nemesis?

What attracted me to join Nemesis is maybe the reason why I started programming. What motivates me most is building something that people actually use and benefit from. When I was offered to take charge of building and developing the admin consoles of our software, I saw a great opportunity to create a tool that will ease the work of people and will make them more efficient.

Tell us more about your work at Nemesis. What do you like most and what least?

I am responsible for the development of the admin consoles that manage the whole software our company builds. What I like most is the freedom I am granted to think, discuss with my colleagues and implement new functionalities, creating high quality software the way I see it. We are not limited by some fixed brief. Instead, I have the possibility to innovate and bring actual value to the end customer.

What I don’t like in the process is actually a very important lesson for me - that building a quality product takes time. Business puts different challenges in front of our team, both - resource- and time-wise, but the drive to deliver quality and value to the end customer fast is what keep us going.

What do you do in your free time - tell us more about your hobbies?

I have a dog and I find a lot of pleasure in spending time in walks or playing together. I like spending time in the mountains, reading books or relaxing in some quiet country places. As I am dedicating all my energy to my work, I prefer spending my free time away from the modern world and all the stress, so that I can really rest.

If you could write a letter to Nemesis Software CEO which is going to reach him in five years’ time, what would you write in it?

I will write something very short, but very powerful “It was difficult, but it was worth it!”

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