PSD2 will change the way banking works. All EU financial institutions are required to provide open customer account information access to regulated third parties. Nemesis solution simplifies and accelerates the process of complying with the new regulations by providing secure, ready-to-use API. This will allow banks to enable third-parties to build innovative services on top of banks' data and infrastructure to better serve customers' needs. Welcome to the new world of banking!

What Nemesis can do for you

Comply with PSD2 requirements

Execute on new regulations quickly with pre-built APIs, integrated OAuth, and many other tools.

Create great customer experiences

Quickly build and offer new services to meet the changing needs of your precious customers.

Join forces with fintech innovators

Partner with innovative fintech companies to better serve your customers and acquire new ones.

  • A banking-specific developer portal with API docs and tools;
  • API Sandbox and a comprehensive set of test cases;
  • Pre-configured proxies for banking APIs according to CMA's Open Banking Specification;
  • PISP- and AISP-specific workflows, and API product monetization;
  • An integrated OAuth security framework to support various access models;
  • Open ID Connect FAPI support.

How it works

What is driving the PSD change?

Customer behavior

Most transactions nowadays take place on mobile devices which demands real-time, personalised and seamless payment experiences.

New competitors

FinTech innovators are emerging everyday challenging all established business models and offering digitally-enabled services.

Advances in technology

Mobile devices, wearables, blockchain and the "Internet of Things" (IoT) are creating new ways to pay and transfer value digitally.

Regulatory initiatives

Directives such as PSD2 and eMoney are playing a crucial role in encouraging competition and innovation in the industry.

New Opportunities For Banks

The banks of the future need to become a customer’s preferred digital point of entry into banking services. The key customer experience differentiators will be based on customer need prediction, seamless integration with third-party services, ease of use and AI support to cater for the full lifecycle customer journeys. Banks have the unique opportunity of becoming a lifestyle partner to their customers rather than a transactional friction:

First-mover advantage

Banks do not need to wait for 2018 to launch services targeting the most attractive market-niches that new competitors will attack first.

Win the customer experience

By implementing user-centered design banks can win customers in new market niches as well as build loyalty for current ones.

Use customer transaction data

Customer data is perhaps its biggest advantage over rival banks. Think value-adding services like analysing spending patterns to better target ads.

  • Become the one stop shop for enabling customers to pay, access accounts, services, manage their money and get support;
  • Build and maintain trust to stay the first choice for service, be it digital or physical;
  • Create new and more open approaches to innovation and partnering with external companies adding value to your service;
  • Address niche customer needs with new tailored products and win on this fragmented market;
  • Gather customer data, combine it with external data sets and create invaluable consumer insights.

Get started

Nemesis Software helps banks with detailed PSD2 understanding, defining suitable business strategy and implementation of compliance requirements. We will be happy to discuss your specific business needs. Request your demo now!