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Welcome to the October issue of This Month in Nemesis! Let's get going with the highlights from the past month:

0.6 version of The Nemesis Platform Released

A major milestone in our development, the 0.6 version of The Nemesis Platform increases your productivity and sets a solid print for further impending releases. We've listened to you and as a result the Platform's new release ensures not only improved performance and faster loading time, but also has a vital upgrade to better user experience. We greatly appreciate your feedback, please keep it coming:

A team member speaks at Java2Days Conference

One of our team members, Nayden Gochev (@gochev), is speaking at the upcoming 7th edition of Java2Days Conference, Nov 2- 4, 2015 in Sofia, Bulgaria. He will be giving a talk on the latest trends in Model View Controller (MVC) in Java EE. The conference, part of the European IT and Business Forum, is packed with world-known Java speakers, a number of panels to choose from, and free trainings on the newest trends in the software and programming world. Hurry up, tickets are still available!

The Nemesis Platform Overview

Let's face it - many of you might have wondered what exactly The Nemesis Platform has to offer! We've put together this short overview of the Platform and hopefully it will answer some of your questions. Your question and concerns gcodee us through the process of developing such marketing materials, so ask ahead!

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