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Welcome to the September issue of This month in Nemesis

Amazing Acceptance at SpringOne2GX

Our presentation at the SpringOne2GX conference in Washington DC was a blast.
The nemesis software team
As you know our CTO Petar Tahchiev(@ptahchiev) presented a session on how to build a next-generation multichannel e-commerce platform using Spring and Cloudfoundry. A full conference room and quite a positive feedback - thanks for all who came and took part of this session.

The video is still not rendered but as soon as it is, we will send you a link to the full session.

More conferences attended

September was full of events and besides the SpringOne2GX conference in Washington DC, we also attended the EcommerceParis conference in Paris, France and the EcommerceExpo in London, UK. Thanks to everyone who stopped to say hi - we met so many incredible people. Both conferences were great for creating new contacts and increasing our lead database. We are expecting a lot more to come in the next few months.

Launched an office in the Netherlands

Our constant strive to keep close to our customer and to understand closely their needs, lead us to opening our second international office - the one in the Netherlands. After Washington DC, we open an office in the Netherlands to be serving all our Benelux clients. If you are interested in our platform and would like to implement your PIM, CMS or e-commerce solution on top of our platform, feel free to contact us (

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