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Concord is a consulting firm driving business value through the use of technology and data.


Our experience is focused on five core capabilities: 1) DATA EXPERIENCE - We understand user needs to build experiences 2) DATA IN MOTION - We align complex business problems and the systems that support them 3) DATA AT REST - We keep your data accurate, accessible, and manageable 4) DATA ANALYTICS - We harness the power of data to improve your business 5) DATA PRIVACY AND PROTECTION - We understand the flow of data and can pinpoint the areas of vulnerability. Our execution is backed by our proven process of: 1) Align (We believe that alignment is key to driving success - aligning people with people and then aligning people to processes.) 2) Define (There is no bigger project killer than lack of definition. The more things can be defined, the more likely a project will be successful.) 3) Deliver (Sure, we must bring capable and skilled resources to do the work, but by requiring an align-define mentality, good people become great).

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