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Proxiad Bulgaria is a company specialized in providing IT Services and creating complex web-based business software for leading companies from all over the world in the financial and banking sector, as well as companies providing B2B software solutions. Our services are based on a strategic vision of the evolution of information systems and IT tasks. This process combines professionalism and technological proficiency in order to provide our customers with the benefits of adaptable, pragmatic and efficient solutions.


With its stable and dedicated teams, Proxiad Bulgaria offers a wide range of services covering the entire software lifecycle, using the latest technologies: J2EE, MS.NET, PHP, Mobile Technologies, N-tiers Architecture, and Business Intelligence. Founded in 2004, nowadays Proxiad Bulgaria employs 180 software specialists and offers a Silicon Valley startup office culture. The company is part of Proxiad Group with more than 650 IT professionals in 8 cities in France and Bulgaria (Paris, Lille, Rouen, Nantes, Lyon, Strasbourg, Sofia and Plovdiv) and over of 20 years successful business experience.

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