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SPARQUE provides digital companies with the technology to reach out to each customer at every touchpoint. If you have a website or webshop, you know that your visitors want you to anticipate their needs and interact meaningfully, as if your platform was a person. With SPARQUE, you can flexibly model the distinct logic of your business and the behaviour of your customers and let the data speak.


SPARQUE brings targeted content to each individual customer, across applications and channels. SPARQUE calculates relevance in real-time, taking contextual information into account. You can add data sources when they become available or refine your result strategy as your understanding of your customers becomes more granular. Systems in which every segment or follow-up action needs to be defined quickly become unworkable. With SPARQUE, your expertise and knowledge of the industry drive the automation by simply editing the model and the historical data will be recalculated the moment your customer is on.

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