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Nemesis Platform

More than 120 modules

Payment Processing
Ecommerce platform
Banking software
Product Management
Core Comerce
Insurance software
Logistics software

Integration Framework

Integration practically with any data source

  • ERP
  • PIM
  • Billing
  • Inventory
  • Pricing
  • Fulfillments
  • CRM
  • Orders
  • Marketing

Build the foundation of your growth

Cloud native

The Nemesis platform is created with the cloud in mind, following the 12-Factor App methodology. Our solution is deployable on any cloud. Really! You can choose the provider and hosting option that best suits to your business needs - private, public or hybrid cloud.

Automated scalability

Unlike other application development platforms, Nemesis automatically takes care of allocating the hosting resources the platform needs, based on the number of users and transactions in the current moment. This saves you time and money and helps you focus on what matters most - sales.

Limitless integratability

Easily connect Nemesis to your existing software stack. All available data is REST-exposed, so you can communicate with any external application, service or device that serves your business or customer needs best.

True flexibility and extensibility

Easily add, remove or change any module or external service the platform uses. Add new functionality or modify existing one with the help of any experienced Java developer. We use a modular architecture that lets you have full control of the whole platform.

Omnichannel experience

Connect any front-end, CMS, digital experience platform or any application - mobile, IoT or AI - to the Nemesis platform and deliver unified content and messages to your customers on any channel they search, discuss or buy from.

Future proof standards

Java and Spring are our mantra and we believe that building a software platform on developer-friendly technologies and latest open standards is a guarantee for staying up-to-date.

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