Growing revenue and profitability

Starting an online store which sells worldwide is a significant new sales and marketing channel for all brick-and-mortar businesses. B2B and B2C retailers are in constant pursuit of new target groups and markets, so the rising share of online sales proves to be a great opportunity for bigger profits and margins.

Increased speed to market

The road to success is paved with speed and agility. The Nemesis platform is designed with 120+ out-of-the-box modules, which, when combined with market-ready storefronts, reduce time to market significantly. Consistent digital experience on all sales touch points brings happy, engaged and returning customers.

All deployment options

Data control, privacy and security, are top priorities for all retailers going online. It is crucial to consider which deployment option best fits your business needs. You can choose from on premise, public, private or hybrid cloud, delivered by any cloud provider.

Top-notch integrations

Marketing and sales teams today use more than 15 different tools and platforms to deliver their content to customers. The Nemesis platform is fully extensible and can be integrated with any external platform through REST API.