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Nemesis Ecosystem

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Integration Framework

Integration practically with any data source

  • ERP
  • PIM
  • Billing
  • Inventory
  • Pricing
  • Fulfillments
  • CRM
  • Orders
  • Marketing

E-commerce where it should be

The e-commerce business is a casebook example of a business that benefits from a cloud infrastructure. The unpredicted peaks in traffic volume can only be managed by an elastic architecture - the one that scales automatically with the amount of traffic your website has. And yet most of the e-commerce software can only be deployed in a static environment. Not Nemesis - we have deployed for clients in almost every possible cloud provider.


The cloud-native Nemesis technology provides agility and flexibility to scale infrastructure, based on the current load of traffic, orders and customers, which saves money and time.The on-premise solutions, on the other hand, require big investment and their full capacity is used no more than three times in a year - peak traffic at Christmas, Black Friday, etc.

Extensibility and new functionalities

The Nemesis platform steps on open development standards and features, as well as flexible architecture, built to integrate with all your business applications today. The modularity and replaceability of each module allows the platform to grow with the emerging new business needs in the future and ensures operational efficiency.

Total cost of ownership

Custom e-commerce solutions are difficult to support, extend and migrate to cloud. Most custom solutions are provided by a specific vendor and you are obliged to use certified consultants at very high rates. You can set-up, support and further extend the Nemesis platform by hiring or renting any experienced Java developer.

Choose your cloud

Our platform has been rigorously tested on any cloud provider. Whichever works best for you!.