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No matter if you are an implementation partner or a direct Nemesis client, we offer comprehensive training that will help you get to know the new technology fast and effectively. Trainings are delivered right from the core Nemesis team to make sure we deliver the most of our expertise and onboard your developers with hands on experience.


Our experience shows that involving a Nemesis consultant during the project implementation phase will speed up the process and, at the same time, improve the quality of the end result several times. This is a one-time investment which guarantees that the client has a rock solid foundation on which they can build and grow their business.


If you already have the Nemesis platform set up and running by one of our implementation partners, but you would like to get support directly from us - please feel free to contact us. We always recommend the subscription-based support for our products, but even if there is something specific you would like to refer to us - you can rely on our expertise to help.


We know from personal experience how painful replatforming can be for clients if not done properly. If you are planning to migrate your current solution to Nemesis and would like to know more about how to structure and execute the whole process - do not hesitate to get in touch. Hours invested in analysis and planning can save you days of extra development.

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