Banks are built on trust. Trust is built through relationships. And relationships are built through interactions. The more relevant, timely and engaging the interactions, the more likely you are to create a lasting relationship that would become the solid foundation of your banking business. Nemesis empowers your employees with real-time information and insights so you get to know your customer better and deliver unique customer experience.

PSD 2 compliance

All banks nowadays are talking about PSD2 and there is a reason for that. It will require a lot of investment, reduce their existing revenue streams and introduce a whole wave of competitors. Nemesis can help you reduce the technology hassle in building the API layer that you need and get compliant fast.

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Omnichannel experience

Financial institutions need to focus on the customer experience more than ever before. Customers are driven by convenience and service quality. Anyone who ignores that is doomed to fall victim of the new marketing reality. Adapt and change are the mantras of all business willing to thrive and grow.

Integration platform

Let's admit it - bank software is legacy software and we usually get pleasantly surprised when we see banks innovating. But this is going to change and Nemesis is here to help you transform legacy software or integrate existing systems in a seamlessly functioning machine with no information silos.

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