Advanced account management

Set roles, permissions and tiered users that match your clients' organizational structure. Create groups, add and delete users, view detailed order histories, and define certain groups of customers to buy certain products.

Bulk orders made easy

No more hassle with bulk ordering. Easily create bulk pricing tiers, with per-unit costs and discounts according to order size range. Drive repeat business with quick re-orders for your wholesale customers.

Integrate with existing systems

Nemesis integrates seamlessly with all software you currently use to run your business. No matter if it's CRM, ERP, supply chain, inventory, order management, accounting or another tool - you can rely on easy and secure connection.

Engaging multi-channel experiences

Business buyers act as regular b2c customers and expect the same level of convenience. Creating engaging, mobile-optimized experiences, is the key to empower your customers and employees to place orders on any device, at any time.

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